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If you need advice

Advokat (attorney's) offices and law offices can give advice in relation to, for instance, marriage or other forms of cohabitation, the rules applicable to divorce, the rules applicable to inheritance and wills and also questions about how a contract should be interpreted or what you should do when dissatisfied with a decision made by a court or other public authority.

Everybody (private persons, associations, organisations and companies) can get advice under the Legal Aid Act. This means that you will pay a fixed charge, which is lower than what the advice would normally cost. You can get advice in this way for a maximum of two hours. One hour's advice costs 1,302 kronor (excl. VAT). Advice, which takes, for instance, 15 minutes will cost a quarter of this amount.

You can find contact details for advokat offices and law offices in Gula sidorna (Yellow Pages). When you make an appointment, agree that the advice should be provided under the Legal Aid Act. Remember that advokat offices and law offices are not liable to provide advice under the Legal Aid Act.

If you need assistance with more complex issues, which take a longer time, in some cases you can get legal aid. You can also get assistance from a defence advokat (public defence counsel), aggrieved party counsel or public counsel.

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